Based in Dresden Germany, Von Ardenne (VAAT) is a global leader in developing and manufacturing advanced coating equipment.  VAAT's systems enable customers to deposit microscale to nanoscale functional layers on materials such as glass, metal strip, and polymer films in order to manufacture products such as solar modules, architectural glass, or smart phone displays.  Von Ardenne holds more than 600 patents worldwide and has equipment installed in over 50 countries, including platforms for:

Architectural Glass
Web Coating
Solar Technologies
R&D and Pilot Systems
Cluster Tools
Electron Beam Applications
Horizontal & Vertical Production Sputter Coaters
Pierce-Type Linear E-Beam Sources


Plasmaguard is the world's first halogen free ultra-thin (50 nanometers to 5 microns) conformal and flexible waterproof barrier layer. Compared to the alternative, halogen free Parylene, it has better adhesion and is a thinner, faster, easier, and  more cost effective process. Emerging environmental regulations will make halogen free waterproofing necessary in consumer products.

Based in Belgium, Europlasma manufactures systems and provides processes for waterproofing electronics, PCB's, textiles, footwear, and other products. Examples include critical parts of cellphones, earbuds, hearing aids, fitness devices and other wearables, drones, parts of outdoor speaker or security systems, or other small parts sensitive to water, moisture, sweat, saltwater, etc. It is also used for parts of medical devices. Also see Plasmaguard  below.  

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LACO Technologies is a leading manufacturer of vacuum and leak testing systems.  Established in 1975, LACO is located in Salt Lake City, Utah, and serves customers in the United States and internationally.  Owned by engineers, LACO is uniquely situated to provide innovative solutions for:

Drying Ovens
Bake-Out Ovens
Environmental Test Chambers
Portable Leak Detectors and custom leak checking solutions
Vacuum Degassing Systems
Vacuum Ovens
Custom Vacuum Chambers
Space Simulation

Mbar has partnerships with other manufacturers of both new and rebuilt systems, for sputtering, evaporation, diamond like coatings, diamond like nanocomposites, etching, and other processes. 

Because of extensive Silicon Valley contacts, Mbar knows where many used tools are for sale, tools often at small companies that are difficult to find on the internet: Mbar can bring the buyer and seller together.

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