Brooks is a leading worldwide provider of automation, and cryogenic solutions for multiple markets including semiconductor manufacturing, life sciences, and clean energy.  The Brooks portfolio of products includes CTI-Cryogenics and Polycold.  Just a small sampling of what Brooks offers are:

On-Board Cryo Pumps
Water Pumps
Helium Compressors
Closed Loop Gas Chillers

Applied Thermal Control recirculating chillers are designed and manufactured in the UK to provide precision temperature control with 0.1°C temperature stability.  Their chiller units are renown for being compact and quiet in operation, providing accurate temperature control to manufacturing and laboratories industries.  ATC has over 20 years' experience in providing a range of high quality and accurate recirculating chillers, water to water exchangers and air blast coolers to optimize performance and reliability of your process. ATC take a collaborative approach to working with end users and equipment manufacturers, offering expert advice so that customers achieve the ideal solution for their specific application. They provide a full service from product development through to chiller manufacture, installation, maintenance and servicing.

MKS Instruments, Inc. is a global provider of instruments, subsystems and process control solutions that measure, control, power, monitor and analyze critical parameters of advanced manufacturing processes to improve process performance and productivity.  Vacuum users worldwide turn to MKS, Granville-Phillips® products for reliable, precise, dependable vacuum measurement technology. MKS Instruments Granville-Phillips® vacuum gauges, vacuum sensors, vacuum transducers, vacuum modules, and vacuum gauge controllers meet a variety of application requirements and vacuum measurement ranges.

SynSysCo is the U.S. Distributor and service center for Anest Iwata and Kashiyama dry vacuum pumps.  Anest Iwata built scroll vacuum pumps are available from 3.8 to 18.4 CFM and have the longest time between scheduled maintenance of any such pump on the market.   Kashiyama's line of NeoDry pumps are an excellent alternative to rotary vane pumps where inert gas or mildly aggressive gasses require oil-free pumping.  They are available sized 250-1200 L/m, and sizes up to 600 L/m do not require cooling water or Nitrogen purge.  

Shimadzu was founded in 1875 by Genzo Shimadzu to manufacture physical and chemical instruments.  Today, Shimadzu is a leading supplier to the Semiconductor, Solar Cell and Flat Panel Display markets.  Shimadzu's Turbo Molecular Pumps (TMP) boast the highest level of exhaust capacity in the world, and are designed to meet the layer deposition and fabrication requirements of solar cell modules and silicon wafers.  In 2008 they took over Mitsubishi's tubomolecular pump line, adding to their wide range of high vacuum pumping options, including:

Turbo Molecular Pump with Integrated Power Supply (V-Series)
Wide Range Turbo Molecular Pump
High Pumping Throughput Molecular Pump
High Compression Ratio Turbo Molecular Pump
High Load Turbo Molecular Pump
Corrosion Resistant Turbo Molecular Pump