​​Atlas's core technology is explosion bonding of dissimilar metals, the most common being aluminum and stainless steel. For example, explosion bonding allows aluminum Conflat flanges with a stainless steel surface and knife edge seal, allowing aluminum chambers to have stainless steel Conflat flanges and VCR fittings. Atlas also is a leading supplier of large and small aluminum and titanium chambers.

SynSysCo is the U.S. Distributor and service center for Anest Iwata and Kashiyama dry vacuum pumps.  Anest Iwata built scroll vacuum pumps are available from 3.8 to 42.4 CFM and have the longest time between scheduled maintenance of any scroll pump on the market.   Kashiyama's line of NeoDry pumps are an excellent alternative to rotary vane pumps where inert gas or mildly aggressive gasses require oil-free pumping.  They are available sized 250-1200 L/m.  

Shimadzu is a leading supplier of turbopumps to the Semiconductor, Solar Cell and Flat Panel Display markets.  Shimadzu's Turbo Molecular Pumps (TMP) are among the most reliable and well supported in the world. Support is located in both Santa Clara and Austin.

Turbopumps, Cryopumps, Rough Pumps, Stainless Steel and Aluminum Chambers, Gauges, Flanges, Fittings, Custom Vacuum Assemblies, Recirculating Chillers, Heater Jackets. Use pull-down menu above or click on the picture on the left for links to details.

TGM manufactures heater jackets of silicon, PTFE, and other materials for valves, piping, vacuum pumps, chambers, manifolds or wherever needed at the temperatures needed to meet the application. TGM also manufactures single or multizone control and safety systems, flat and rope type heater tapes, and band heaters. Made in Texas.

CTI Cryogenics and Polycold Cryogenic Chillers are an independent  part of the Edwards Vacuum family of products, and manufactured in the same location as when they were part of first Helix, then Brooks. CTI is the world's leading manufacturer of cryopumps, and Polycold the leading manufacturer of cryogenic chillers. Mbar is pleased to help in product selection, quotations, and fast, effective customer support.

Kashiyama manufactures both multilobe roots type and screw type dry pumps from small portable lab pumps to very high capacity harsh process pumps, and are known for their high reliability and excellent product support. With a US service center based in Fremont CA, greater Bay Area customers have the added benefit of free pick-up and delivery both on new pumps and pumps that are ready for rebuilding, eliminating the hassle of shipping, and saving costs.

Polycold recirculating cryogenic chillers are used in applications to replace liquid nitrogen, accelerate the pump down of vacuum chambers, trap water vapor, or provide cryogenic temperatures in other applications.

​​HIS Innovations manufactures vacuum chambers, custom assemblies, and has extensive stock of vacuum fittings, flanges, tubing, and weld fittings. Mbar encourages you to visit their website where you can see their list of machinery supporting your machining requirements, and stocked products. In business since 1979, they are ISO 9001  certified and have invested heavily in new CNC equipment, tube benders, leak detection equipment, cleaning equipment, and personnel to provide clean high quality parts at attractive prices.

Applied Thermal Control recirculating chillers are designed and manufactured in the UK with a service center in Oregon, to provide precision temperature control with 0.1°C temperature stability.  Their chiller units are compact and quiet, providing accurate temperature control and high reliability.  ATC take a collaborative approach to working with end users and equipment manufacturers, offering expert advice so that customers achieve the ideal solution for their specific application. They provide a full service from product development to chiller manufacture, installation, maintenance and servicing.

Instrutech vacuum gauges use modern RoHS compliant electronics and in most cases are both pin to pin and communications compatible with existing gauge systems, but cost substantially less and ship in under 10 days. Instrutech spun-off from Granville-Phillips in 2002 and manufactures in Longmont Colorado, offering Convection, Hot Cathode, Cold Cathode, Capacitive and other gauge solutions both in modular gauges and rack mount  solutions.